Thursday, December 11, 2014

CIA Report Hurts Veterans, Military, and United States Citizens

Everybody now has heard about the CIA report from the Senate. This was not a bipartisan report. It was a political report. Senator Feinstein did not have to release it. She chose to release it because she knew with Republicans in charge in a few days, it would never have seen the light of day. There was no reason to release it.

First of all, everybody on both sides of the political aisle say this could cause the deaths of Americans around the world. Military and civilian. So why release it? Remember the lunacy about Benghazi having something to do with a video? That the person releasing the video was wrong because of the violence? It proved to be NOT for the video, but what about now? Someone else can be wrong to release something that affects American lives, but the United States can? Flat out wrong.

We need to make no apologies for keeping America safe. Nobody knows what information was gotten. In fact, no CIA members were ever interviewed. How can you have a report like this, yet nobody who was there was ever talked to? That's crazy.

Look at the lame liberal media. Calling this torture. Calling this unamerican. Calling us like Nazi Germany. Such idiots. We had no idea what was coming next after 9-11. We had to do everything in our power. And we should be dang grateful that the CIA did this. Very grateful. There is no point in releasing something like this. We now do not use these techniques. So why report on what we did 13 years ago? Makes no sense. Other than being political. Our enemies hate us anyway. This is not going to make them start hating us.

But it does make our military more open to attacks. Here and abroad. That's shameful.

Why doesn't the newsmedia have a problem with drones? We drop unmanned drones on people who we only suspect are terrorists. We have indeed killed innocent victims with our drones. President Obama is the Drone King. The newsmedia gives this a pass.

Somehow it is "okay" to kill a person, no trial, innocent bystanders and all. Oh but we can't waterboard them! That's mean!

Gruber was right. The American people are stupid. Stupid for voting these people into office. Stupid for listening to the lame media call enhanced interrogation bad, but killing good.

We for one need a secret CIA. They do not need to air their dirty laundry. They are the people who are keeping us safe. And we say, do everything you can to keep us that way.

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Can Robert McDonald clean up the VA?

We certainly hope so. Our optimism is due to the fact that the new head of Veterans Affairs, Robert McDonald, has come out with some explicit items. He estimates that upwards of 1,000 employees who were involved with fake wait times and other despicable things done to our wounded veterans could be fired. Somebody should. We hope this is not just talk.

But more than firings need to be done. This also gives us hope, as Robert McDonald has also said that he would like a complete overhaul of the VA. It sure needs it.

The bad part here, is that Mr. McDonald has no military experience. We wish someone had a past history working with the military and veterans. Of course the VA is a huge, bloated, misguided organization. McDonald does have experience running a huge company, Proctor & Gamble. That company is actually the largest of its kind in the world. So that is a little hope. Problem is, he is dealing with federal workers and bureaucracy. You can't just fire people and make changes at will. THAT is what really needs to be changed for virtually every federal agency. Incompetent employees and mismanagement should be dealt with quickly, and with little fuss. Not dealing with rules about federal employees.

One big name has been axed. Terry Gerigk Wolf, director of the Pittsburgh VA Healthcare System, has been canned. Of course it took 2 years and only after congress passed laws making it easier. She was director when veterans died from Legionnaire's disease due to water at various Pittsburgh VA hospitals. But it took two years.

Of course we would like to give a shout out to dedicated nurses, doctors, and hospital personnel at VA hospitals who we know are on the front lines giving their all for our veterans.

The Veterans Administration is the second largest government agency in the United States. What's number one? Our military. Makes sense to us. Those are our top priorities. Keeping this country safe, and, supporting our military men and women at all levels.

This crap at the VA hospitals has been going on for decades. We'd like to give Secretary McDonald a chance. It can't be done overnight.

There are still to this day long wait times to be seen for our veterans. The total veterans waiting has shrunk, however. Some are now allowed to go to private doctors and clinics. More of this should be done, as well as hiring more people. Good people, that is.

In the meantime, how about you? Can you support our hurting veterans a little more? Can you volunteer your time at a VA center or hospital? Can you help out with organizations that do?

Are you a nurse or a doctor? Perhaps an LVN? Even a patient care person like a nurse assistant? Why not apply to work with our veterans? The rewards will be much greater than anything monetary.

Want some good news? Two VA hospitals in the Tampa, Florida were both named as a Top Performer on Key Quality Measures Award from The Joint Commission on hospital accrediting.

Shouldn't all VA hospitals make this list?

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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Christmas joy cannot be bought at Toys R Us

Toys R Us should be ashamed of themselves using this banner, taken outside the Toys R Us in Corona, CA. If this is what all Toys R Us stores are doing, shame on them. True Christmas joy is not purchased in a store. It's free. It's peace, love, hope, and the true meaning of Christmas joy: Jesus Christ.

It won't be found in toys not needed that will soon be broken and discarded.
It won't be found by spending money you don't have on things nobody needs.

Please share the real Christmas Joy!

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