Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Federal proposal has more for military support

Michelle Obama has become an advocate for military families. She has been instrumental in getting military support items in the federal budget.

The First Lady was at Bolling Air Force Base in Washington for a luncheon with military spouses. She announced that she had heard many military families and their needs and wanted to do something. But Mrs. Obama also said she is not seeking credit.

Here are some of the proposals:
-More money spent on counseling and support for military families.
-Money for military child care.
-Department of Defense money to build or renovate schools.
-Money for military spouses in the form of tuition assistance and intern programs.
-Coast Guard housing.
-Programs for children in military families.

No matter what side of the political aisle you are on, those proposals are worthy. And they should not be tied to any deficit reduction. If we can't support our military and their families, than nothing else matters.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Why a VA Home Loan is the Best Home Loan Available

Veterans, you get out of the service and wonder if there is any help for people like you. Well, to be honest, help comes in many forms, but help for one veteran is not help for another. The government does have one huge helping hand for veterans when it comes to getting a home loan. Yes, you do have to have a good, steady job. But the advantages for a veteran using his or her VA home loan benefit is enormous.

Here are the major perks of a VA Home Loan:
The government guarantees the loan.
Almost any mortgage lending institution can give you one.
No down payment is required.
The closing costs and fees are capped.
No private mortgage insurance (PMI) is needed.
You can be eligible even if you are on active duty, a reservist, or even a public health worker.

Getting a VA Home Loan is the same process of getting a conventional loan. But you must obtain a VA home loan certificate of eligibility from the government.

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Valentine's for Veterans, National Salute to Hospitalized Veterans Week

Many of our veterans are in VA hospitals. We need to give them the best medical care possible. But we also need to show them our love, support, and appreciation.

National Salute to Veterans Week is February 7-13, 2010. This is a great opportunity to get involved to show your support for veterans. There is something everybody can do. And it's very easy and does not cost a whole lot of money. Send Valentine's Day cards to hospitalized veterans.

Almost every VA hospital will allow you to send a box of Valentine's to them and they will disperse them to patients. Just contact your local VA hospital on this procedure. Take a little time to write a short note on each one. You don't need to get too fancy. The note of support will mean more. Put your heart into it and give them like you mean it. Search the list of VA hospitals.

If you would like to volunteer your time for veterans, visit www.volunteer.va.gov.

We also would like to thank the members of Camp Fire USA and the Salvation Army for getting involved in passing out Valentine's, gifts, and treats to our veterans.

Teachers, why not make it a class project? Even if you need to spend a few dollars out of your pocket for some boxes of Valentine's, it's worth it. Have your class write letters to veterans. They can even make them as art projects. Then take or send them to your nearest VA facility. An easy of showing your support and thanking our veterans.

Now go out and support our troops!

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bible verses on gun sights a non-issue

There has been much ado about nothing lately on Bible scriptures being put on rifle sights made for the US military.

Let's set the record straight. There are no Bible verses on the sights. They only have cryptic reference like JN8:12, a reference to John 8:12. But nothing else. That's right, nothing but JN8:12.

This company, Trijicon has been providing sights since 1995. Nobody has ever complained. Nobody has ever cared. This is just one more attempt to make much ado about nothing. There is no advance of religion. There is no proselytizing. Just a tiny bit of a reference that one cannot even see unless one looks for it. It is at the end of the stock number. So what?

Come one people. There is nothing in the constitution that bars quoting of the Bible. And this is not even quoting the Bible. In fact, if you had no idea what JN8:12 meant at the end of a stock number, how would that offend you?

Besides, only US troops get these sights. If this was such a problem, you would have heard soldiers complain in the 15 years they have been used. Now, you will see some complain, egged on by idiot do-gooders who have nothing more to do with their time.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Haiti and Ft. Hood: What do they have in common?

First Ft. Hood. Once again, the cues from the top of the current administration is all about being politically correct. Let's be more social. No profiling. Live and let live. Don't be so military. That's why today many officers are being wrongly accused of looking the other way. Let me correct that. They did look the other way. But only because they were too scared to really say what was on their minds. They did not want to look like were anti-Muslim or hurting someone's feelings. From the top, all the way to the bottom. Each and every person who knew better, let the situation get out of hand. And now we look back and want to blame the military? No. We need to blame the current administration and their lack of a war on terror.

In Haiti, we are seeing a massive relief effort not going so well.

This is due mostly to the fact that nobody is taking charge.

Our military was born for this effort. Unfortunately, we have allowed political correctness to seep through. Our military is taking cues from the top not to be "too military." So, we just sit on the sidelines and watch, or get lost with everyone else. Political correctness be damned. We need a general, admiral, whoever, to plant the American flag and say, "We are in charge." Then mobilize our forces throughout Haiti. Keep the streets safe. Restore order. Protect and serve.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Military steps it up in Haiti

Our military is doing a fantastic job in Haiti. This is when America can show our true colors. Thousands of people in Haiti are in desperate need. We only hope it goes smoothly. If we let our military plan and run the operation, there is no doubt they can pull it off.

Of course there will be glitches. Of course there will be delays. This is not an easy problem to get to, nor will it solve the complete problem. It also cannot possibly save everyone. We know the military is our best bet at providing services in disasters like this. We have the supplies, personnel, and medical teams to aid in this process.

There is NO military in the world, or people like our servicemen and women who can do a better job.

How you can help in the Haiti relief efforts:

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Worst Military Disaster on Home Soil Becomes National Park

Black History Month and celebrations are coming up, and it may be good to note that a military disaster that involved predominately black soldiers has been recently commemorated.

Here's a little background. The new National Park sits on an otherwise non-distinct plot of land in Norther California along the Sacramento River. But over 65 years ago, on July 17, 1944, in what was Port Chicago, 320 military men lost their lives. 202 were African American. This was a huge munition depot at the time. And that's what caused the disaster. A huge explosion rocked the compound. The men working had no training handling explosives. After this disaster, the survivors were not exactly lucky. 50 of the all-white officers who were overseeing the men were given 30 days leave to recover, but the black men had to return to work at another munition depot. When most of them refused, they were either given bad conduct discharges or court martialed. They were defended by Thurgood Marshall, who as we know later became a member of the US SUprem Court. The men lost the case and were sentenced to up to 15 years hard labor. These sentences were later tossed out when the war ended.

This is a chapter of World War II history that you may not have been aware of. This incident contributed to President Truman removing all segregation from the armed services.

We support all military personnel and veterans, regardless of color. We judge people by their service to their country. And anyone who serves his or her country faithfully should be respected and supported.

Remember this incident resulted in over 200 servicemen losing their lives. And hardly anyone knows about it.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Nursing opportunities in the military and VA

Are you a nurse? Are you going to be a nurse? Do you want to be a nurse? If you said yes to any of those, have you considered really making a difference? Nursing can be a great way to make a difference in our military and VA hospitals. Many times, there are nursing shortages. Maybe you are a nurse and have wondered how you can serve your country, or just do something patriotic to show your appreciation.

The military has large and small hospitals in many places, from San Diego, California, to Washington D.C. Any and all nursing specialties are used. Yes, military life can be hard. But if you have what it takes, you can take your nursing skills to a whole new level that some only dream of. Yes, this includes man and women nurses.

For a commission in the military, normally you need a bachelor's degree in nursing, and be 21 years of age. There can be an age cut off at around 43 to sign up, but if you are as old as 60 and you have a much needed specialty, you can get a waiver.

Are you in the military now? Want to be a nurse? The military will send you to college while on active duty and pay for the school. When you graduate, you agree to give a certain number of years in the service.

Learn more on being a nurse in the Army, Navy,or Air Force.

Don't want to join the military? Many of the large military hospitals do not have enough nurses or medical personnel in the military. So, they do hire civilians to work right alongside military members. If you live near a large base, chances are there is a hospital and clinics available to you to work in.

There are also VA hospitals in most parts of the country. VA hospitals normally serve retired or disabled military veterans. If you have the calling to really make a difference, these veterans could use your love, support, as well as your nursing skills. VA Nurse opportunities.

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Foster care for veterans

As veterans age, many no longer have families that can take care of them. Many veterans end up in retirement homes. The federal government now has a foster home program for veterans.

Veterans who can no longer take care of themselves have a new option of Medical Foster Home care.

Medical Foster Home locates community members who can take a veteran in and provide 24 hour around the clock care. This care includes everything from meals to medicine, as well as personal attendant. The commitment is for long-term, as the Medical Foster Home provider is to last the rest of the veteran's life.

It is not free, but is cheaper than other 24 hour care facilities. The veteran pays money to the caregiver, from $1200 to $2500 a month depending on the level of care. As the veteran ages, the care gets more expensive.

The foster home must be approved and accept unannounced visits from the VA to insure quality care.

Many veterans are moving themselves out of nursing facilities and into foster care. The money mostly comes out of their own pockets.

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