Monday, January 20, 2014

US Navy to back up Russia during Olympics?

So the US Navy is offering to have some backup ships near the Black Sea to help out Russia. Just in case it's needed. US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel made an offer of support to Sergei Shoigu on January 4th. This is the same Russia that has befriended Edward Snowden. Oddly, this is the same Russia that warned us about the Boston Marathon bombers. Something that we ignored, I might add. Speaking of those bombers, I guess the NSA wasn't up to the task either on that one. So what do they do with those cell phone records?

Of course we sincerely hope our Naval forces are not needed for The Olympics. It would be quite odd for us to evacuate people or bomb something during a so-called non-political event. The Olympics non-political? Yeah. Right.

Perhaps this is Obama's way of getting back at Putin. You know. We hype the threat to Russia. Making us look like the bigger guys. If there's any country that could crack down hard on terrorism, it's got to be Russia. But it's not the same Russia as it once was. The Mighty Bear is a shell of itself and has had it's share of dealing with domestic violence and terrorism.

The bottom line is that all countries at The Olympics have a stake in safety. Not just for the games, but for the world. Russia needs to pull out all the stops and accept any and all help to put on a safe (and sane) Olympics. But it does put Putin in weird way. Snowden on one hand, and fighting terror on the other. Maybe this is his just desserts. Let's just hope innocent people don't die.

If called upon, we know our military men and women will show off the best forces in the world!

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