Monday, May 24, 2010

Museums this summer offer free admission to Military Families

This summer all across the country hundreds of museums are giving free admission to military and their families.

These are not just little museums but big names, as well as children's museums. For example, San Diego has 14 museums in this program which includes many in Balboa Park. Even Alaska gets in on the act with free admission to the Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum.

The program that has museums in all 50 states, is called Blue Star Museums. It is a partnership between the National Endowment for the Arts and Blue Star Families.

Museums are a great way to entertain a family for a day. The free admission includes the military service member, husband or wife, and children. However, many museums have special exhibits that carry an extra charge no included.

The program starts on Memorial Day and runs through Labor Day, 2010. More info check out Blue Star Museums and see a list of museums in your state.

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Texas man fakes his way into being a Marine

Jesse Bernard Johnston III, 26 was able to join the Marine reserves in Texas, as a sergeant no less, even though he has had zero military service.

He was caught, but does that scare you? Anyone can fake military service and get in? Where would that leave our country if this man had actually gone overseas and was put into combat?

This clown was obviously given at least a low level security clearance. How can that happen?

Since Ft. Hood, you would think that the military would be on very watchful alert. Fat chance. The current mood in this country seems to just ignore every warning or sign that something may be wrong.

I cannot believe this has ever happened in the last few years. This country needs to get its act together and quick. This is not someone lying for financial gain or reward. This is a guy who got in during the enlistment process without any enlistment!

This guy has the nerve to wear a chest full of medals and ribbons that a real veteran would envy! That's nerve!

This is one crazy story that everybody should step back and say, "what is going on?"

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Is Blumenthal a liar, truth stretcher, or clueless about his military service?

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut has been seen saying he served in Vietnam. This is a false statement. He never served in Vietnam. Blumenthal is running for the US Senate.

Does this statement matter? Blumenthal is trying to say that what he really meant was he served in the military during the Vietnam War. Well, that's anywhere near what he said. The tape is clear. He states he served in Vietnam, even making a point with his service.

That's the part that's troubling. Not necessarily lying about military service. Lots of people do that. It's the context of Blumenthal's statement.

Here is his statement exactly:
"We have learned something important since the days that I served in Vietnam. And you exemplify it. Whatever we think about the war, whatever we call it — Afghanistan or Iraq — we owe our military men and women unconditional support."

Blumenthal was trying to score political points with his statement. That is not to be taken lightly. Blumenthal has never served in any other venue except the east coast of the United States.

Padding your military service is one thing. Lying and using it to make a political gain is clearly going over the boundary of good sense.

What kind of senator do you want?

However, we need to watch ourselves as well. We don't want to hang people on words spoken in the heat of a campaign. Many errors are made. Is this complete fabrication worthy of him not serving? We will let the people of Connecticut make that judgment.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

PTSD on Georgia Driver Licenses for Veterans

Here a crazy idea that is actually a bill and may be signed into law. If a veteran has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, he or she can have this designated on their driver license. Of course it is voluntary, but what in the world are they thinking?

Supposedly, if your are speeding, and an officer sees the PTSD on the license, they may cut you a break. Yeah, right. That is so insane and would be funny if it were not truly what people think. Somehow a PTSD designation on your license is akin to needy glasses or other things like that.

This is a bad idea with no upside except to further a veteran's inability to get back to normal civilian life, it that were 100% possible.

Who comes up with this stuff? State Sen. Ron Ramsey, Democrat, and co-sponsor State Sen. John Douglas, Republican, that's who.

So it's voluntary. What for? If this PTSD impaired ones ability to drive, why would they be getting a drivers license? If it is to tip people off about behavior, what behavior and to who?

How about going to a bar for a drink. Sorry pal, we don't serve PTSD vets in here. We can't take a chance. Can you imagine potential employers? Sure, we see you have PTSD, you are perfect for the job of public relations!

It does not matter who or what you are. You are given a fair shake. If you can't handle it, you can't handle it. Period. Has nothing to do with designations.

Once you get the designation, how easy is it to get it removed?

This is a bad bill all the way around. You will get veterans conned into putting it on their licenses to show people they have problems. Right. Isn't this what veterans have got to overcome? That the public sees them as other than human?

Let's get real and ditch this bill. The governor of Georgia is Sonny Purdue. If you live in Georgia, you need to write your lawmakers quick and get this silliness from becoming law.

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Power Generators seem to be a must have.

Have you seen those disasters lately? Man-made and mother nature?

You never know when your house will be left without power. Since everything we do runs on electricity, having a backup power source is not just a luxury anymore. It's a must have.

Because generators have so many uses, from picnics and tailgate parties, to camping and other outdoor activities, you will probably use yours more often. Just knowing that it's in the garage can give you peace of mind.

For most people, you probably do not need a whole house backup system connected to your current power supply. You will just need a portable generator.

Look for ones that will output just the amount of power you need. You probably will want to run a few lights, refrigerator, radio, and television. Oh and don't forget that computer!

Because bad weather occurs in all seasons, rain, flood, snow, all can affect your power supply. Even an outage due to overuse can brown out your city. Don't let your food spoil. Running at least a fan can stave off the heat.

And remember, your generator will not stay idle. It is an investment that you will use in daily life as well.

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