Military Discounts for Car Insurance

The higher paygrade you have, the lower your risk. You should be able to get a car insurance discount for being over E-4 or an officer.

If you are deployed overseas, you might consider dropping you car insurance. The problem with that is, you now have a gap. Many insurance companies do not like gaps and will penalize you. Instead, you can ask for a lower rate before deployment.

This is especially true if you put the car in storage. Upon returning, you have no gap. Make sure you store your vehicle properly.

If you are renting or own a home, see if your renters or homeowners insurance can be combined with your car insurance. This can lead to a cheaper overall rate. Get military auto insurance at

Many auto insurance companies offer discounts for being a veteran or retired military.

Your station zip code may determine your car insurance rate. If you live off base, your car insurance may be in a cheaper zip code.

Find out how easy your car insurance transfers to a different state or city. Your rate may increase, or actually be lower. This means you really need to have a national company looking after your car insurance needs.

If you have taken any military driving courses, these may get you a discount, especially defensive driving. Most military vehicles cannot be driven by personnel without these courses.

Find out if you can still get discounts after leaving the military.

Above all, you need to have an auto insurer that is flexible on your duty stations and deployments. Cheaper is not always better.

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