Friday, April 25, 2014

Phienix VA Hospital "wait list" is a crime

But will anyone be punished? Of course not. Instead, as is the norm for the government today, the people higher up will be awarded bonuses and moved on and up. Then eventually being retired on the taxpayers dollar. And nobody. Not a soul will ever take responsibility. Sound familiar? Time after time, this present administration, it's employees in the federal departments, continue to act shameful. Nobody ever gets fired. They just close their eyes, ignore the story, the mainstream media does not care. Nobody cares.

Perhaps this time is will be different. We hope so. The cries from both sides of the aisle on this shameful treatment of veterans will be brought to the forefront. And the director of this hospital should be fired, fined, and charged with a crime. Falsified data. Lying. Cheating. All in hopes of getting a bonus. If that's not a crime, what is? How can you falsify government records, then lie, not be a crime?

The director, Sharon Helman, reportedly received over $9,000 in bonus pay. What a sham. Just goes to show you that no matter how lousy of a job you do, the federal government has low standards. Most of the administration at this Phoenix VA hospital, made hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

But you watch. They will plead ignorant. The White House will once again say, "What scandal?" And any hopes of justice will melt away, while Eric Holder is busy with commuting the prison sentences of potheads.

The VA lied. People died.

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