Sunday, November 4, 2012

USS Enterprise sails into history for the last time

Since the Revolutionary War, their have been eight US Navy ships named Enterprise. During Word War II, it was attacked many times and had become known as the most decorated ship in US Navy history. The current USS Enterprise, finished in 1962, became the world's first nuclear powered aircraft carrier.

A young John McCain, later Senator, was a pilot on The Enterprise when it was called into duty as blockade during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Originally stationed in Norfolk, the ship was moved to the Pacific Fleet in 1965.

The ship further moved into history, notorious history, in 1969. Going from Hawaii to Vietnam, a rocket on deck accidentally exploded, causing a major fire on board.

This disaster later became a major part of the Navy training film, "Accidents Don't Just Happen." Many sailors since then have seen that film.

After 9-11, the ship immediately sailed towards Pakistan, and launched the first salvos against al queda in Afghanistan.

The story will end up on a sad note. On December 1, the ship will be decommissioned. The nuclear reactors will be removed, and the rest will be scrapped.