Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bergdahl Charged With Military Crimes

Remember Bowe Bergdahl? The person who President Obama celebrated the release of at The White House? The moment that Obama and others in the administration were championing this as some great feat of diplomacy? Turns out it was as everyone with half of a brain knew: It was a great feat of lunacy.

Make no mistake. This was not about leaving nobody behind. That phrase makes no sense. Every war has deserters, instances of AWOL, being friendly with the enemy, and many stay near the battle theaters. For many reasons, good and bad. We do not risk American lives to bring them back.

We did risk American lives to find Bergdahl. Even at that time the military knew he walked away under questionable circumstances. So why did we trade high level Gitmo detainees? Because it was all about negotiating with terrorists on the premise of emptying Gitmo. Terrific idea, right?

We are supposed to be a country that does not negotiate with terrorists, and members of Congress are supposed to be briefed on matters like this before it happens. But hey, nobody cares much about following all laws in DC, do they? A president seems to be able to pick and choose how and when to follow the laws.

It's a sad day, but on the other hand, it's justice for those who knew this trade was a sham. It shows the brain-dead people working in The White House had no clue this would happen. We can't figure that one out.

Susan Rice just showed that "Susan Rice" should become a verb. The art of speaking stupidly on Sunday news shows.....She championed false statements about Bowe Bergdahl: He served with honor and distinction.

False statements just seem to flow like water.

Here's the saddest part. Members of the military died looking for this fool Bergdahl.

How ironic. Just think about this as you talk around your friends and family on this Bergdahl nonsense. Bowe Bergdahl hopefully will be locked away for a long time, at the same moment that five terrorists are going free.

And America should not be happy.

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Monday, March 9, 2015

How you can support the troops

Supporting the troops, honoring a veteran, is one of the most patriotic things you can do. Many people would love to just make each and every military service member feel like they are much appreciated. Of course it is impossible to thank everyone, but if you do a few things, you can spread love, support, and goodwill among our military members. Below are just simple few ways to show your appreciation for our troops and veterans. Make it a point to show your support for our troops!

 When you show patriotism, you show you care about our military personnel as well. Patriotism is perhaps the number one way you can show your appreciation for our men and women in uniform.

 Whenever I see an American flag on a house, business, or even a lapel pin, it makes me instantly think that the person doing that supports service members. So, if you can display the American Flag outside your house or business, or wear that lapel pin, do it.

 Purchase a whole bunch of small American flags, and put them on the graves of soldiers. When visiting a cemetery, find out what the rules are and when they mow the grass. Do your deed the day after so they stay up longer.

 Attend veteran's events like parades. Stand and cheer for the veterans who come by and are participating.

 Stand up and be reverent to the national anthem at sporting events.

 If you see a service member in their uniform, go up to them and thank them personally. But remember, a Thank You is never enough.

 Contact a local military base and ask them how you can show your appreciation to the men and women in uniform who are stationed there.

 Find a website that allows you to donate items and care packages to military personnel overseas.

 Ask your family and friends if they have any relatives in the military. You can honor them personally by writing them or sending them packages or gift cards.

 Do you own a business? Give a military discount and ADVERTISE it! Make it a decent discount that really counts! Get other members of your community to give discounts as well.

 Teachers, find out if any of your students have relatives in the military. Your class can adopt this soldier or sailor and write letters, send cards, and more. This can lead to a greater appreciation instilled in our young people for military service. Perhaps get them to visit your class!

 Visit a veteran's hospital and spread a little cheer to the sick and disabled veterans. Find out how you can volunteer and how you can help.

 Encourage young people who are wondering what do with their lives to consider the military. Not every job gets combat. The Navy, Marine Corps, Army, Coast Guard, Air Force are HUGE operations. They need personnel in every aspect, from desk jobs to health care, from build up, to tear down, from mechanics to pilots. The military IS an honorable career choice.

 Almost every town has a military recruiter. So, if your town does not have a military base, the recruiting office will have military personnel to meet, greet, and support. They may also know how you are able to help other military members. Find out if they have a meeting of new recruits before sending them off, and see if you can visit and tell them, "Thank You!"

>> Veterans make good teachers!