Tuesday, March 18, 2014

We have no standing in the world.

Why is President Obama looked upon as weak? Much of his troubles in the world have been self-made. He went around the world, apologizing, bowing, and just telling other countries how ashamed he was of the United States. Oh how we were going to reset relations, with Russia and everybody else. A new day dawning.

Of course intelligent people knew he must have blinders on. No sane person would ever think the rest of the world would just love to be friends, hold hands, and sing campfire songs.

Putin? You have got to be kidding. Reset? Yup. We sure reset Russian relations. Reset to the Cold War.

But Republicans, namely George Bush, bear some responsibility to this weakness.

America and the rest of the world have been soured on military action, especially from the United States. The Iraq War, with good intentions, morphed into a disaster. After victory, no less. We were in a quagmire with no way out, much less save face. Our military lost a lost of lives.

We just don't have the stomach for America to police the world. And our allies are not giving us any comfort either. They don't want in.

The world economy is still in bad shape.

So now we have the United States sitting on our hands. We look pretty silly drawing lines in the sand and saying "dare you." Only to have the line crossed, draw another line, and say, "I double dare you." The line keeps moving and there's nothing we can do about it.

Not at this point anyway.

George Bush did half right. He knew how to get our allies on his team. Obama knows no such thing. He can't get anyone to follow him. Why bother? He's not leading anywhere. And the rest of the world is just sitting on its hands as well.

Look at Egypt. Iran. Syria. Ukraine. Crimea. Even Venezuela. Nothing. The world stands by as hundreds of thousands of people are killed in Syria. Nobody has the stomach to stop dictators in 2014.

So if not the United States, who? Nobody. Perhaps the next president will know how to rally the rest of the free world around a cause for freedom.

We need people like Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, and Pope John Paul II.

Isn't it amazing our biggest ally, Great Britain, remains eerily silent.

The United States has lost all standing in the world.

Sending Joe Biden to reassure Poland, is like a bad joke gone bad. I mean come on, Joe Biden? I guess Bill was too busy campaigning for Hillary...That's how serious Obama takes this....sends Biden.

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