Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Best Christmas Gifts for Deployed Military

Ever wonder what a deployed military person might want or need?

It's Christmastime, so let's take a look at some practical gifts first.

Top Practical Gifts for Military
Hand sanitizer.
Name brand, solid, comfortable sunglasses.
A bulletproof, well-built pen.
Bags and backpacks that are very durable.
Tough, indestructible small, bright, reliable flashlight.
Top of the line, portable multi-tool.
Memory foam pillow, made to be carried, lightweight, comfortable.
Fingerless gloves.
Cotton socks and/or underwear.
Snacks, hot chocolate packs, gum, energy bars, non-perishable jerky, etc.
*Note that all products above are called to be very, very durable to withstand the hard life of a military

Other gift ideas for deployed military
Headphones, earphones, noise-cancelling.
Bluetooth, water-proof speaker.
Tablet, complete with amazon prime, hulu, netflix, and anything else you can stuff on it.

There are thousands of organizations that claim they help veterans and send care packages. However, we have come up with two that we have seen that they actually get care packages to troops. We are not knocking others, but we have chosen only two that we have found have good reputations. We are confident that if you give to either of these, it will get to our troops.

Operation Care and Comfort: https://www.occ-usa.org/

Operation Gratitude: https://www.operationgratitude.com/