Tuesday, August 30, 2011

White House issues disrespectful guidelines on 9-11

The White House, in its ever growing nanny-state, has taken this a step too far.

Coming out with guidelines on how to observe the attacking of America on 9-11.

They want this to be a global observance. To show that this attack was not just about America, but on the world. That somehow we must not focus on America and the heroes of 9-11. We can't talk about al queda, because bin laden is gone.

The whole thing about issuing any guidelines for this attack is just plain disrespectful.

This attack was about America. It was an attack on America. Of course other nationalities died. But that was not the focus. They just happened to be there doing a job. The attacks were planned and focused on America and our way of life. Period.

They did not fly places into London, Hong Kong, or anywhere else. They targeted Americans.

What makes this even harder to swallow, is that we forget the attack on the Pentagon on the same day. Pure terrorism attacking Americans and our freedoms.

There is no need for the White House to somehow want to cower away from what 9-11 is. Obviously they want to not offend anyone. They don't want us to observe the real thing. We need to understand, to get other countries to feel good about us.

The whole thing is completely disrespectful.

This was an attack on the United States, our citizens, our freedoms, our way of life.

And we need to observe that and never forget the true meaning of what 9-11 was. We cannot let a White House bent on apologizing all over the world for our way of life, change the true meaning of 9-11.

We urge you to write the White House and your congressmen to let them know your displeasure in any such disrespectful guidelines about observing 9-11.

Americans are FREE to decide how they should observe such an attack, no matter how the White House tries to spin it.

Completely disrespectful and very shameful.

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Friday, August 5, 2011

Preparing for an electrical blackout

Veterans and military personnel are trained to always be ready. But sometimes the forget the homefront. Whether you are overseas or at your home base, your family needs to be ready for things like electrical blackouts. They happen in any season due to rains, wind, hail, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, or just a good old fashioned thunder storm. It takes just a little planning to "weather" this annoying event.

First, let's talk about what this article is about. Short, temporary electrical blackouts lasting less than a day or maybe a little longer. If you know the electricity will be out longer, you will probably need to do some other planning as to where to live temporarily.

For some reason, blackouts happen at night. Maybe they don't, but it sure seems like it. Suddenly you are left in the dark. Having easy access to a light source that works is the first thing to ready. Having a flashlight next to every bed in your house is a great idea. But, you should also have a flashlight very handy in the family gathering area of the kitchen.

These flashlights will allow you to make the best of your situation. The flashlights will guide you to things you can also get for light. Candles are the option everyone seems to go for. So have a few candles handy that can be safely lit and burned. Along with a supply of matches or lighter.

Here are two other great light sources when the power goes out. A camping lantern. Camping lanterns burn very, very bright. Have this handy in the garage. Another source that is never thought of is solar lights in the garden and around your house. If it is safe to go outside, you can easily pluck these out of the ground for another light source. These two light sources do not have the danger of lighting a fire.

Your cellphone can also be used as a quick flashlight.

After light, the main thing about electrical blackouts is your refrigerator. For blackouts less than 24 hours, it should be no problem. Your freezer should keep most things frozen. But, if your meat thaws, it is best to cook it as soon as possible and not refreeze it. As far as the refrigerator part, this can be solved with a little planning. Your refrigerator is well insulated like a super ice chest. You can use it as such. Buy a few large blue ice blocks that you also use for ice chests and camping. Keep these in your freezer. When the power goes out, you can take one or two and put it in your refrigerator to keep everything cold. Safety first. If something that can spoil looks or smells bad, toss it out. But for less than 24 hours, using the above advice, it should be no problem. You can always keep a thermometer in your fridge to check the temperature.

If the roads are safe and stores are open nearby, you can get ice cubes and use your ice chest for stuff that really needs to be kept very cold.

Your telephone does not run on the electrical line, so most of the time your phone still works.

As far as cooking goes, you can always use your outdoor barbecue.

If your stove top is gas, you should be able to light it with a match or lighter. Be safe. Know how to do it right.

Keep a radio with batteries handy for news and entertainment. You can also get a wind up radio.

With light and food, most people can make it through a temporary electrical blackout.

Be safe at all times.

If your area is prone to electrical blackouts lasting longer than 24 hours, you really should check out: Information on backup power generators.

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Obama proposes help for unemployed veterans

Today President Obama will introduce his new package to help veterans who are unemployed. It is focused on those vets who returned from Iraq and Afghanistan and are unemployed. The whole deal will cost $120 million, but paid for out of existing funds. It may not sound like much at first, but it is a start. Because the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are winding down, the country will have an increase in the number of veterans.

For veterans, the unemployment rate is well over 13% with one million seeking work.

This new program is called, Returning Heroes Tax Credit. Here's the way it is supposed to work. Each business that hires a veteran that has been unemployed for up to six months, they get a $2,400 tax credit. If they hire a veteran who has been unemployed more than six months, the credit increases to $4,800. The Wounded Warrior Tax Credit would still be intact, but double to $9,600 for hiring a wounded veteran who has been unemployed for over six months.

President Obama also announced that he will be pushing the Pentagon and Veterans Affairs to increase cooperation between veterans and businesses.

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