Thursday, August 28, 2014

Why are some accidents a political opportunity?

A 9 year old girl tragically kills someone at a shooting range. And it blows up across the country as a political opportunity. Somehow, some people just can't let a tragedy pass by without making the airwaves and blowing off the smoke of their political agenda. That is a tragedy too.

That accident had nothing to do with guns or gun control. It was an accident. An accident that ended in tragedy. That's it. It's not an opportunity to make political statements, speeches, rallies, or news commentary nonsense. But CNN, MSNBC, NPR, and others just can't pass it up. It's too juicy for them. So they make ridiculous statements about gun control and the like. And how one political party or the NRA is to blame for each and every shooting that takes place. Idiotic to be sure. Sadly, many Americans lap that garbage up.

However, reality must sink in eventually, or this country is in trouble. Last week, an 8 year old girl fell to her death in Yellowstone. Did you hear any political statements? Any commentary on CNN about trail control, parental control, Yellowstone being unsafe, or any commentary at all? Of course not. It was an accident that ended in tragedy. But let a gun be involved, and the loonies spring to life.

Did CNN or NPR do a story on why parents should not take their kids to Yellowstone? People fall and die in Yosemite, as well as many national parks.

Each year kids and adults are killed by the thousands in car accidents, pools, spas, on bicycles, playing sports, and more. Where are the speeches? Where are the political rallies? Where are the politicians crowing on the news about more "fun" control?

But some incident involving a gun, and look out. Every liberal looney will be crowing about gun control. Notice how they are silent when a black kid gets gunned down in Chicago? LA? New Orleans? Memphis? They are silent.

Shame on you, America, for politicizing every accident like this.

Parents: Your child in college needs a budget!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Marine Veteran Not Welcome at Six Flags

(Update on post below. Six Flags has since apologized. We knew they would. Don't mess with veterans.)

A Marine veteran was denied entrance to a Six Flags theme park. Why? Because he had the audacity to be wearing a Marine T-shirt with a machine gun on it. Apparently machine guns on shirts at Six Flags are no-nos. Complete idiocy. If Marine veterans are not welcome, let's all feel unwelcome.

However, let's take a look at some of the rides at the nearest Six Flags to me, Magic Mountain.

The Buccaneer.....called a pirate ship. Pirates are okay?

The Swashbuckler....see above.

Wonder Woman Lasso of Doom...lassos are okay?

Ninja...the black belt of doom...martial arts perfectly acceptable?

Check out some other names of rides:

Apocalypse, BATMAN The Ride, Dive Devil, GREEN LANTERN: First Flight, LEX LUTHOR: Drop of Doom, SUPERMAN: Escape from Krypton, Scream, Slingshot, THE RIDDLER’S Revenge, Viper. Such nonviolent names, right?

And here's the kicker. They have Fright Fest every year for Halloween. Here's a quote from their website:

"Fright Fest offers 16 days of terrifying haunted mazes, roaming zombies, the scariest clowns on the planet and spooky shows ... leaving no tombstone unturned to bring the ultimate sensory overload for every range of fear."

But an Iraq veteran in a T-shirt with a machine gun is not welcome.

Well, my friends. Let's all feel not welcome. Boycott Six Flags.


Friday, August 1, 2014

Help Veterans and United States Citizens First, Not Foreign Kids.

Obama vows to act on his own and rewrite whatever immigration law he chooses. He's got a phone and pen and he 's not afraid to use them. Well Mr. President, what about veterans?

Where was your phone and pen when it came to light about the mistreatment of our veterans at VA hospitals? Did anyone get fired? Did any law get changed? Did you make any executive actions? Apparently our veterans are not worthy of your executive decisions.

But immigration and helping illegal children come here seems to be a higher priority. Then you chide the Republican led House about not passing immigration reform. Here's a newsflash: There are hundreds of bills passed by The House that are sitting on Harry-do-nothing-Reid. The same Reid who claimed that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was a White guy. But getting back to immigration.

Why would Republicans pass a comprehensive bill on immigration, only to see it go down the tubes after it becomes law? Mr. President, you don't have a good track record on enforcing duly passed laws. Your own party passed a HUGE comprehensive health care reform bill. And you signed it into law. It had specific items, specific dates, specific times. But how did you enforce that bill? You changed things, crossed stuff out, ignored that, delayed this. Nobody on earth can possibly keep track of how many times you changed that law! So Republicans somehow get a bill to your desk and you sign it. What assurance do they have that you will follow it? Not much.

But instead of using your pen and phone on foreign children coming here illegally, how about using your phone and pen, and demanding justice, service, respect, and great, fast healthcare to our veterans? Somehow your pen just won't leave your pocket. And that's a shame.

Just a side not on The Ukraine. What happened? Where's the outrage and demanding of justice? Can you imagine that a passenger jet with almost 300 passengers on board was shot down,....and not a thing is being done about it? In fact, it's old news! American influence? American ideals? Forget it. We are watching the rest of the world sink into an abyss.

Go RVing and stay safe this summer!