Friday, February 13, 2015

Brian Williams is what's wrong with American journalism

Brian Williams is the epitome of the mainstream newsmedia. Forget about facts. It's all about what could be facts, should be facts, and reported as facts. A la Dan Rather on George W. Bush: Well, it could be true.... Here's some more that is being reported as just plain lies. This is not making a mistake.

Being robbed at gunpoint as a kid.

Seeing a body floating by in New Orleans.

Being at the Berlin Wall when it fell.

Flying with SEAL Team 6 at start of Iraq war.

Getting a piece of the helicopter from a SEAL Team 6 member that was used in the bin laden raid.
Getting a knife sent to him by a SEAL.

That's not misremembering. That's making up the news, and yes, stealing valor. But Brian Williams is just the tip of the ice burg. We've got the commander in chief doing selfies in a mirror while the world burns, including our "success" in.

We have checked out of reality. It's about entertainment, not doing the right thing.

Our military men and women deserve better.

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