Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Forgotten? Pearl Harbor

December 7, 1941, is a day that will live infamy. Sadly, the day is being quickly forgotten. Have you heard anything today about it? Probably not. Wedged between Thanksgiving and Christmas, most people are thinking about other things. But this day changed the world.

In 1994, Congress made this day National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.

Many veterans of World War II are dying. Soon, only a handful will be left. The Greatest Generation will soon be gone. We can only hope that as Donald Trump takes office, that America will make up some ground that was lost over the past eight years. We have made the world less safe.

But our men and women in the 1940's, defeated world powers of evil and made this country a true world leader.

2,403 Americans lost their life in this attack.

The USS Arizona was left underwater. Alone, 1,777 crew members were among the casualties.

The USS Oklahoma lost 429 men.

USS Utah lost 58.

Did those lives die in vain? Think about this. The very next day, The United States declared war on Japan and became part of World War II. Without the United States entering the war, where would we be today?

This wartime era of America, and the some of the world, became life with sacrifice, willingness, strength, and courage to defeat evil. Perhaps this was the last time this will ever happen.

We salute The Greatest Generation.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

How to help veterans at Christmas

Many good Americans are wanting to help veterans all the time. More Americans want to help during Christmastime, as The Holidays are especially tough. There two good ways for people to help veterans.

Secret Santa for Vets. Not only can you help out with cards and gifts, you can tell them the name of a veteran who might love to get some love. Visit them at: This program was set up by The Staff Sergeant Joseph D’Augustine Memorial Fund name in honor of a veteran killed in action in Afghanistan.

Wreaths Across America.  They honor fallen veterans by placing wreaths on gravesites on various veteran cemeteries and burial sites across America and the world. Visit them at:

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Anti-Police is Similar to Anti-Military of Years Past

The Vietnam War was the time of many protests against military personnel. Forget the fact that is was political leaders that put our military in these situations. The political powers decided it was the right thing to do, unpopular though it was. As it dragged on and incidents made the headlines and news, some low-thinkers decided to equate our military with being the cause. So they protested. Many times in very vile and vulgar ways. Homecoming for soldiers, sailors, and marines was not a pretty sight. No parades. No celebrations. Nobody coming out and saying, "Job well done."No thank yous. Nothing. In fact, you were shamed. Years later, mostly under Reagan, the tide began to turn. America realized our military does great things under severe conditions. They deserve a lot more than we gave them. So Vietnam Vets began to get some of this, albeit too little, too late. But it set the stage for some very patriotic years, and American was proud of its military again.

Notice how we now have similar rants against our men and women in blue? Society, read: political leaders, have once again messed things up. Many neighborhoods have gone to hell in a hand basket. Our schools have failed. Social experiments have failed. Our inner city youth, mostly Blacks, have bee oppressed. No doubt about that. But they are being oppressed by the same political leaders that get their votes!!!! But that's another story. Right now because of this inflammatory situation, police are right in the middle of it.

Each and every day, men and women put on a uniform and encounter all sorts of situations. Dangerous ones. Like our military, they are not social workers. They are not psychologists. They are not trained to solve society ills. But they are smack dab in the middle of them. And they are trained and paid to keep the peace, and us safe. That's it. They do it thanklessly daily. The vast, overwhelming majority do it while putting their lives on the line. They readily are willing to take bullets for us. And yes, shoot back. Or first. They are expected to do this 100% right each and every time. Impossible. They don't know what someone did, or is capable of. They must make split decisions. And you know what? 99.9999999999999999% of the time....they are right. I'll take my odds on any police officer doing the right thing.

Yes. Any police officer. Even when we go back, analyze the situation, dig deep, look at some cell phone footage on youtube. What response would you make if put in the same situation BEFORE you were able to look back and scrutinize the situation?

Now we have people hating the police. Killing them. Rioting against them. Protesting them. Just like they did in the 1960's against out military. Yes people, these 60's radicals set off many bombs.

We hope soon real Americans will stand up for what's right. Stand for police officers everywhere. It's not a pretty job. It's a thankless job. How many of you who protest would put your body between a bullet and a bystander?

They amount of great, heroic actions that police officers take is FAR greater than any bad outcome. Where are these stories? Where's the cell phone footage?

We challenge anyone to start filming these great men and women doing amazing things. Because they do these things, multiple times a day, and nobody knows about them.

Remember: Each and every incident where a cop kills someone, was started by the officer wanting to keep the peace and protect people. Think about for a while.

All Americans should be relieved that all charges were dropped in Baltimore against the officers.

Want to help young people? Become a teacher!