Thursday, July 30, 2009

Trouble with Veterans Getting VA Home Loans

There are reports of trouble for veterans trying to get VA Home Loans.
Here are some of the examples of trouble spots you need to look out for:

Cash is king. Many VA Home loan applicants are being overlooked by banks that get offers for cash. For example, it has been reported that veterans seeking home loans were applying for a $300,000 mortgage, but someone offered $270,000 cash and the bank took it. This cash over VA Loan has been reported many times. Beware! This is totally unfair.

Veterans have also been getting low balled on home appraisals. For example, you want to buy a home for $300,000, make an offer, but the VA appraises it at only $280,000. You don't get the loan. Then, someone else offers $310,000 and gets the home via a conventional lender that appraises the house at over $310,000. Beware of this as well. Totally unfair.

The last thing with VA Home Loans you need to be aware of is that the VA will not loan on a home that needs work. The problem is there is no definition of what "needs work" is, and many homes on the market are foreclosures and need work! Catch-22. We have heard of a VA loan being denied because of peeling paint. Very minor, but again the house "needed work"!

Banks are also stalling on VA Home Loans for the above reasons.

Here's the lowdown on getting a VA Home Loan. If you know the house will get multiple offers, chances are someone is going to bid higher than the VA will pay. Second, the house needs to have no repairs needed. At least visible that get noticed on an inspection. Work with a bank that specializes in VA Home Loans.

VA Home Loans are some of the best available. It is the ONLY loan left that allows you to put zero down. It is a way of thanking our veterans, but the real estate market being what it is, it is getting difficult.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Canada Hails US Troops, We Hail Canadians!

Canada's Defence Minister Peter MacKay says that with more US troops, a difference will be made in Afghanistan. He was speaking to reporters in Ottawa on Parliament Hill on Tuesday. The elections have brought on a surge in violence. We salute the Canadian troops. Canada has about 2,500 troops and have suffered 5 troop deaths in July. Granted, Canada is part of a NATO force, but their losses have been higher than other participating NATO countries. Who says the US goes it alone? We have never gone it truly alone. We need and support all of our friends in a common cause-Getting rid of the taliban in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Military to stop reporting militant death tolls

The military in Afghanistan has been told to stop the reporting of the number of militants killed in attacks. The reason is to avoid a constant scorecard, as well as maybe pumping up body counts to get support. Somehow this is going to make the Afghan citizens more safer. Maybe because giving death counts is like bragging, making the enemy retaliate more.

We think this is a good idea. But we want to go a step further. We wish all news media outlets would refrain from posting body counts of American soldiers. It makes no sense to post cold numbers. Somehow by posting numbers, they wish to embarrass the military and make people support them less. Political and military decisions are not best left to the news media. They are actually not best left to polls and popularity. Military decisions need to be made my chosen military leaders in conjunction with the president. Period.

If we can make accommodations for the Afghan people, why can't we make the same decision for our military families at home? We have always felt that numbers serve political passions, not logic. If a military family wants to give details, let them. But give them the choice. We now allow news media to take pictures of flag drape coffins without any questions. Horrible and tragic. Our men and women in uniform should be given the utmost respect, especially in death. The death's of our brave men and women who are fighting to keep us free and safe should NOT be used for political gain.

We also believe the flip side is true. We should not brag about kills. Except in rare cases when a high profile terrorist is killed. Like Osama Bin Laden's son. That is a success. But the reporting of deaths on boths sides just to pump up numbers has no place.

We also wish that all news media outlets would refrain from showing our soldier being held. Nobody should air his staged comments, nor make him a political football. Supoort the military. Period. If you want to do political things, leave military personnel and deaths out of it.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Female Veterans Have not got Proper Health Care

The Senate on Tuesday was holding hearings on the way female veterans have struggled to get health and other needed care. Easy to believe, but it is not right. When we think of veterans, we automatically think MEN. But women have been a huge part of our military force since the beginning. Female veterans have shown they can function in all capacities. They deserve better. We hope things change quickly for the brave women who are doing their duty to the utmost in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Don't just think boys when talking about supporting our troops. The girls are in the fight as well. When you see a female member of the armed forces, give them a special thanks.

Also, it may be a good idea to mention that even though they are having trouble getting help, it is still a great career move for many girls. There is no shame in the military. It is a good job and honors your country. Men and women both are vital elements of the finest military in the world.

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

44 year old soldier show us all what's it's about!

Greg Law enlisted in the army when he was 42. As in 42 years old. We salute Greg. He was one of the first to join when the rules changed from 35 to 42 years old as the maximum age. Yes it was tough, but this 44 year old has shown the youngsters what it's all about. Greg's nickname is Old Man Law. Many thought he would slow down the 82nd Airborne. (That's right the Airborne!) But he quickly out matched many of his much younger soldiers! Greg Law, you are a true American hero!

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New GI Bill, unfair? You may get nothing!

Due to the new rules and GI Bill that take affect in August, you may be in for a shock. Are you a returning veteran hoping the new GI Bill will pay for college? Think again. There is a convoluted payout scheme to decide whether you are eligible, and whether you will actually get anything!

It all depends on the state you live in. If you live in a state that has fairly cheap public college and university tuition, you may get very little. Especially when compared to the cost of a private school. So your dream of a private college or university may need to be changed.

Do you live in an expensive state? You are in luck! You will get quite a bit! Even for a public school. And it may be enough to cover the cost of a private college.

We can't say if this is unfair or not, actually. On the surface, it sounds unfair. It should be a uniform payment across the board. But it isn't. To get the most benefit, you need to decide if it is worth it to go to the school of your choice, and reside in your current state. There may be other rules about moving as well.

But this post was a warning that the college education you were promised may not be paid for at the school of your choice.

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