Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Free passes to National Parks for Military members

All active duty military personnel will be able to get free passes to all National Parks and recreational areas. The total is more than 2,000 places where the free pass will be valid. This includes all 397 National Parks. The free pass will be good for one year from the date it was obtained. The free National Parks pass is free to all active members of all branches of the military, as well as active members of the National Guard and Reserve. You cannot transfer the pass, but here's the good part. The pass is good for the pass owner and all passengers in the vehicle they are using to enter. If the park or area charges by the person, the pass owner and 3 more adults are covered. If your children are under 15, they are free. This means a military member driving with their family, for example, into Yellowstone will all get in free as long as they are driving in using the normal family vehicle. Visit: http://home.nps.gov/news/release.htm?id=1333 for more info. Military members now can plan cheaper vacations with their families. Please pass this information along to all your friends and neighbors. Our military families are worth a whole lot more! >>How to keep deer out of your garden. >>Fun facts about the United States.