Friday, May 21, 2010

Texas man fakes his way into being a Marine

Jesse Bernard Johnston III, 26 was able to join the Marine reserves in Texas, as a sergeant no less, even though he has had zero military service.

He was caught, but does that scare you? Anyone can fake military service and get in? Where would that leave our country if this man had actually gone overseas and was put into combat?

This clown was obviously given at least a low level security clearance. How can that happen?

Since Ft. Hood, you would think that the military would be on very watchful alert. Fat chance. The current mood in this country seems to just ignore every warning or sign that something may be wrong.

I cannot believe this has ever happened in the last few years. This country needs to get its act together and quick. This is not someone lying for financial gain or reward. This is a guy who got in during the enlistment process without any enlistment!

This guy has the nerve to wear a chest full of medals and ribbons that a real veteran would envy! That's nerve!

This is one crazy story that everybody should step back and say, "what is going on?"

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