Wednesday, September 8, 2010

From Homeless to West Point: Tyki Nelworth

Tyki Nelworth is what the American Dream is all about. Work hard, stay clean, succeed.

This young man as seen a lot in his short years. His father is dead. His mother is in prison. Tyki has moved from home to home. And yet somehow this remarkable young man is on his way to the military academy at West point.

For some reason, Tyki Nelworth rejected gangs and the bad ways of the streets. Instead choosing to focus on academics. He credits the motivation partly to being dubbed a crack baby by his sister. Tyki chose to use his situation as a reason to focus high, not low.

Tyki Nelworth just graduated fromWashington Preparatory High School in South Los Angeles where he excelled academically. Not just regular classes. His schedule was filled with Advanced Placement classes that included calculus and biology. His GPA was a mind boggling 4.23.

When the school and surrounding community heard about this young man, donations came from churches, alumni, and others. They gave him clothes and money that allowed him to continue.

Can the United States be prouder of such a man?

Tyki Nelworth is what this country stands for. And we are sure glad that our future Army will have officers like him.

We wish him the best!

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