Monday, January 10, 2011

The military is changing

Military life on the job can be raunchy. Any veteran or service member knows that. But times have changed. We are now more politically correct. This is more true for men and women in authority positions. So we understand why a Naval Captain makes some rather funny, but raunchy videos to liven things up and make a point. But, we cannot fathom why anyone in today's Navy would do such a thing. Many of us would just call it normal. But even so, we would have to full admit that coming from a respected captain does seem rather odd. And not needed. We just hope as the military makes more changes, like don't ask, don't tell, that it does not endanger morale, and most important, the mission of the military. We do not need a European style military. Which is a very unmilitary military. Our military has a long history of doing things better than any military in history. We need to keep that up.

Goodbye steam catapults! The Navy is testing using electromagnets to launch planes of of aircraft carriers. The Navy needs new launchers to be able to launch faster and heavier planes. The U.S.S. Gerald R. Ford should be the first carrier to have this new technology.

Veterans receiving cash benefits by check on a monthly basis: Take note. On March 1, 2013, you MUST have direct deposit for your monthly checks. This is safer and faster anyway, and you should switch over now if you have not done so. Most banks will give free accounts if you have direct deposit. If you are a new veteran applying for benefits, and you apply after May 1, you will have to have direct deposit anyway. They will no longer be mailed checks for anyone applying after May 1. There is one exception. Veterans over 90 will still be able to get a check. This rule is not just for veterans, but all government benefits like social security.

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