Monday, February 28, 2011

Last WWI Vet dies at 110

The last WWI veteran, Frank W. Buckles died on Sunday at the age of 110. He was one of 5 million Americans that had served in World War I between 1917 and 1918. Apparently his death was of natural causes. Mr. Buckles died at his West Virginia farm.

World War I veterans had received little notoriety until there were only a handful left. Then the nation took notice of the last remaining veterans of this first Great War.

Frank Buckles lied about his age and enlisted in the Army when he was 16 on August 14, 1917. He was sent to France. Back then, service members had serial numbers. His was No. 15577. Frank was assigned as a rear-echelon ambulance driver and saw the horrors of war first hand.

Believe it or not, he eventually was caught up in World War II. After his enlistment, he worked on commercial ships around the world. Unfortunately, he was on a ship in Manila in 1941. That's when the Japanese invaded. He was a prisoner until the military raided and freed him.

In 1953, he bought a cattle farm in West Virginia.


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