Thursday, August 28, 2014

Why are some accidents a political opportunity?

A 9 year old girl tragically kills someone at a shooting range. And it blows up across the country as a political opportunity. Somehow, some people just can't let a tragedy pass by without making the airwaves and blowing off the smoke of their political agenda. That is a tragedy too.

That accident had nothing to do with guns or gun control. It was an accident. An accident that ended in tragedy. That's it. It's not an opportunity to make political statements, speeches, rallies, or news commentary nonsense. But CNN, MSNBC, NPR, and others just can't pass it up. It's too juicy for them. So they make ridiculous statements about gun control and the like. And how one political party or the NRA is to blame for each and every shooting that takes place. Idiotic to be sure. Sadly, many Americans lap that garbage up.

However, reality must sink in eventually, or this country is in trouble. Last week, an 8 year old girl fell to her death in Yellowstone. Did you hear any political statements? Any commentary on CNN about trail control, parental control, Yellowstone being unsafe, or any commentary at all? Of course not. It was an accident that ended in tragedy. But let a gun be involved, and the loonies spring to life.

Did CNN or NPR do a story on why parents should not take their kids to Yellowstone? People fall and die in Yosemite, as well as many national parks.

Each year kids and adults are killed by the thousands in car accidents, pools, spas, on bicycles, playing sports, and more. Where are the speeches? Where are the political rallies? Where are the politicians crowing on the news about more "fun" control?

But some incident involving a gun, and look out. Every liberal looney will be crowing about gun control. Notice how they are silent when a black kid gets gunned down in Chicago? LA? New Orleans? Memphis? They are silent.

Shame on you, America, for politicizing every accident like this.

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