Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Ben Carson and West Point

Nobody really knows, we suppose, if Ben Carson was offered an appointment to West Point 45+ years ago. If he was, he made a choice to not go. But the newsmedia is too concerned about semantics. Carson claims he got a "full ride," and there are some media fools who want to nick him on what is really just words. We have no idea what you would call going to West Point, or any service academy for that matter, other than paid in full. No out of pocket expenses other than what might not be paid for. But certainly they are provided with all they really need, extra expenses not withstanding. So what do you call it? Full ride? Free? Appointment? Who cares! To us it all means the same.

Sure, some of you are saying, well, the students pay with time in service. Sure they do. But there are numerous ways out of it. Sometimes you pay back, sometimes you don't.

What would you call a DI football scholarship? Full ride? Of course....what else? And yet, those players certainly pay with blood, sweat, and tears. Hours of time on the football field. So would if one called that a "full ride" scholarship, would they be wrong? Who cares?

One thing is for sure. Our military is well loved and many will take offense to any political candidate playing loose with facts on that subject. But Ben Carson seems to not be.

We would like the newsmedia to scrutinize Benghazi, Clinton, Kerry, Obama, the VA, and the rest of this current White House who seems to have no clue how to run a military. Can you say, "Syria"?

How about a frantic newsmedia swarm of what "red line" means.

And let's not forget  Bo Bergdahl. What does deserter mean? What does AWOL mean? What does dishonorable mean?

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