Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Female Veterans Have not got Proper Health Care

The Senate on Tuesday was holding hearings on the way female veterans have struggled to get health and other needed care. Easy to believe, but it is not right. When we think of veterans, we automatically think MEN. But women have been a huge part of our military force since the beginning. Female veterans have shown they can function in all capacities. They deserve better. We hope things change quickly for the brave women who are doing their duty to the utmost in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Don't just think boys when talking about supporting our troops. The girls are in the fight as well. When you see a female member of the armed forces, give them a special thanks.

Also, it may be a good idea to mention that even though they are having trouble getting help, it is still a great career move for many girls. There is no shame in the military. It is a good job and honors your country. Men and women both are vital elements of the finest military in the world.

Read more of the problems of women veterans at the senate hearing.

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