Friday, September 23, 2011

Why actors should not be making speeches

At the Liberty Medal Awards ceremony for former defense secretary Robert Gates.

Army Wives actor, Kim Delaney, was going to give a speech. Reportedly her teleprompter broke and she was left to wing it. Well, she's an actor. She needs lines.

So what does she do? She just rattles off a bunch of nonsense. Totally lost for words. Come on. Can't she say anything intelligent? Did she know nothing about Robert Gates or the ceremony? Apparently not.

"I'm not an Army wife, but I play one on TV."

Kim did manage to say some things. Like how she was in the military. How she saw wounded soldiers returning...

Unfortunately, they were all lies. Well, let's be kind. it was "Make Believe."

La-La Land needs to seriously get a grip on reality and stop treating stars as if they are experts on current events. They're not. They don't have anything special just because they are celebrities.

Eventually they pulled her rambling self offstage. Maybe they should think twice before putting people like her onstage in the first place.

Watch the painful episode below.

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