Sunday, May 18, 2014

Nobody takes responsibility for VA or anything else.

The current administration in The White House seems to love giving lip service. Quips like, "Mad as hell," and other nonsense, just roll off the tongues of those in charge of the bureaucracies that make up our government. Billions of dollars spent on things like, failures, and other misdeeds. Nobody is fired, fined, charged, or sent to prison.

The Veterans Administration should be different, don't you think? It's a bipartisan issue. Helping veterans. The very people that gave their all so these people in high-paid positions could keep taking taxpayer money. And what do they get? More lip service. No action. Just words that ring hollow. Nobody in this administration has been fired due to mismanagement.

We think the VA has committed crimes. People need to be fired, charged, fined, and sent to prison. But will it happen? Of course not. We have Shinseki 'mad as hell,' but not doing anything. He's using the president's favorite ploy. Let's wait. And see. Hope it goes away. Just another fake scandal.

Ever get the feeling that we have a fake president? Isn't it funny that the attorney general, Eric Holder, keeps giving directives and sticking his nose in places like immigration? Telling schools they better not check immigration status...and being very vocal. But with the VA, he's mute. Let's wait and see, he says. No need to get worked up, right? While they let loose convicted criminals instead of deporting them, you know where their heads are at. It's certainly not on American citizens like veterans.

And that is a shame.

Will somebody have the guts in this administration to start firing people? No. Why? Because that would be an admission of a scandal. And we have no scandals, right? Just fake ones. The VA hospital scandal will just be another fake one, swept under the rug.

Unless the American people will finally not stand it and declare they have had enough.

>> Get your child off the computer and outdoors!

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