Wednesday, May 28, 2014

United States Military is not weak, just woefully unreliable.

The President shamefully used the West Point graduation as a political propaganda tool. It was not a speech for the new army officers, but to his foreign policy critics. Shame on you Mr. President. Telling the cadets we are not weak, but stronger than we have ever been. Reality check! With "not weak," you forgot to add that we are idiotic, rudderless, sporadic, and woefully unreliable. We have no standing in the rest of the world, no matter how hard he tries to pull the wool over the cadets' eyes. Having the nerve to call Ukraine success? HELLO! What about Crimea? If he thinks that Iran, Syria, are successes, he is so far out of touch, no wonder people can't check emails. They don't know what they are doing.

Terrorism is not defeated. In fact, it's grown exponentially since Obama took office. You cannot keep repeating bin laden, over and over, and expect to get some more traction.

Then we still have The VA. Shameful report on Phoenix's VA hospital. And yet, nary a whimper from this administration. But Michelle can sure rail about fat kids, Holder rails against the injustice illegal aliens get, but nothing about our veterans.

And then to have the laughable audacity to talk about global change as being the next big military operation.......and places like Sudan, Yemen, Nigeria, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, China, Russia, Syria, Egypt, Libya, al., just laugh.

No, we are not weak. Just woefully out of touch with what's going on the rest of the world.

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