Thursday, December 11, 2014

CIA Report Hurts Veterans, Military, and United States Citizens

Everybody now has heard about the CIA report from the Senate. This was not a bipartisan report. It was a political report. Senator Feinstein did not have to release it. She chose to release it because she knew with Republicans in charge in a few days, it would never have seen the light of day. There was no reason to release it.

First of all, everybody on both sides of the political aisle say this could cause the deaths of Americans around the world. Military and civilian. So why release it? Remember the lunacy about Benghazi having something to do with a video? That the person releasing the video was wrong because of the violence? It proved to be NOT for the video, but what about now? Someone else can be wrong to release something that affects American lives, but the United States can? Flat out wrong.

We need to make no apologies for keeping America safe. Nobody knows what information was gotten. In fact, no CIA members were ever interviewed. How can you have a report like this, yet nobody who was there was ever talked to? That's crazy.

Look at the lame liberal media. Calling this torture. Calling this unamerican. Calling us like Nazi Germany. Such idiots. We had no idea what was coming next after 9-11. We had to do everything in our power. And we should be dang grateful that the CIA did this. Very grateful. There is no point in releasing something like this. We now do not use these techniques. So why report on what we did 13 years ago? Makes no sense. Other than being political. Our enemies hate us anyway. This is not going to make them start hating us.

But it does make our military more open to attacks. Here and abroad. That's shameful.

Why doesn't the newsmedia have a problem with drones? We drop unmanned drones on people who we only suspect are terrorists. We have indeed killed innocent victims with our drones. President Obama is the Drone King. The newsmedia gives this a pass.

Somehow it is "okay" to kill a person, no trial, innocent bystanders and all. Oh but we can't waterboard them! That's mean!

Gruber was right. The American people are stupid. Stupid for voting these people into office. Stupid for listening to the lame media call enhanced interrogation bad, but killing good.

We for one need a secret CIA. They do not need to air their dirty laundry. They are the people who are keeping us safe. And we say, do everything you can to keep us that way.

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