Tuesday, December 30, 2014

DISH needs Fox News ASAP

Going on two weeks without fox news. We never realized how many hours daily we watched it. It's where we get all of our news. They are the only network that will stand up for veterans, our military, and our police officers.

DISH says not to change as that's not the answer. That's very funny. Just a few months ago, DirectTV ditched the weather channel. Big deal, right? I mean how many people watch that instead of fox? And DISH clearly made a campaign to switch if you need the weather channel!!!!!!

And now they say, "Don't switch"? Hilarious only if it were not so sad.

I'll bet foxs newsies like us would gladly pay more for it. We would. Raise our rates a buck a month and move on.

What's even more sad, is that we are paying almost 50% more for the SAME channels as we did when we first signed up! I never hear DISH tell us they were sorry, or they will give us more premium channels, or the like. Nothing. Your bill just keeps going up without any reason.

Here's the bad part. Fox news is to blame. They have zero ways for us to watch it now. They do no streaming online. I'd pay for that service in a heart beat. Fox news has enough cash and people to get a streaming service up and running today. Just think of the millions of DISH people who would be paying for it?

Oh well. We are all just pawns in corporate games. And consumers are the losers.

Perhaps, just perhaps, we can make DISH pay dearly with much less revenue by all of is standing together and ditching any cable/satellite TV service that does not have fox news.

January 1st, and still no fox news, we are outta there!

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