Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Supreme Court: Cross can stay at veterans memorial

The Supreme Court has ruled that a cross put up as a memorial to WWI veterans can stay.

A federal court had earlier ruled that the cross had to come down due to religion. That argument does not hold water. Nothing religious about the cross or the memorial. This thing has stood for seventy plus years. Seventy years. Then suddenly someone does not like it and tries to take it down. Silly.

Besides, the congress had actually passed a law that transferred the land that the cross was on to private hands. No matter. When some people get a lawsuit in their minds, there's no stopping them.

The ruling was 5-4.

The cross was erected by the Veterans of Foreign Wars 75 years ago in the Mojave National Preserve.

One more stupid thing. The cross has been covered up with plywood so not to offend anybody until the ruling was over.

Justice Anthony Kennedy:
"Here one Latin cross in the desert evokes far more than religion. It evokes thousands of small crosses in foreign fields marking the graves of Americans who fell in battles, battles whose tragedies are compounded if the fallen are forgotten."

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