Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tea Party Marine

A Marine has created a facebook page that has been critical of President Obama. Although he no longer runs the facebook group, this Marine still stays outspoken.

The facebook group is called "Armed Forces Tea Party Patriots" by Sgt. Gary Stein as a way to get his opposition views published. Stein, 24, has been on TV and was instructed to review the military directives on such political matters. He no longer runs the group, but stays on as an administrator. The group has over 9,000 members.

Military personnel are not supposed to be an active sponsor of a political group that in any way talks about votes for a candidates of political causes. The prohibition goes pretty far in keep military personnel from participating in political activities. Sgt. Stein had posted his opposition to the financial overhaul and regulation bill being argued in congress.

Sgt. Stein pointed out by name Republican senators who were not fully against the bill. One of his posts reads:

""Once again it's up to us, you and your fellow Tea Party Patriots, to defend America from out of control government."

Stein's facebook group does have a disclaimer saying that any views he expresses are not any official views of the military.

Sgt. Stein is with the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force, stationed at Camp Pendleton, California.

While we don't necessarily support military personnel doing political things like this, we would like to point out that for years, the mainstream media has encouraged soldiers to express their views on the Iraq war. Many times we have heard editorials talk about how soldiers are upset at Bush. We wonder why now the media takes a different view when a soldier criticizes Obama.

Armed Forces Tea Party Patriots join them!

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