Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Navy SEAL Team Six

**Update on story, 05/26/2011:
Disney has decided to withdraw its trademark filing for SEAL team 6. After pressure from the military and realizing it was a stupid idea, Disney did the only thing it could.

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Never let an opportunity go buy to capitalize on something.

The Walt Disney Company is taking this to the extreme.

Disney is planning on trademarking the term "seal team 6."

Are we kidding? If this is allowed to go through, what's next? Any military or government run organization? The whole idea is ludicrous and is completely disrespectful to our men and women in uniform. That somehow a company can make millions of dollars off of a military outfit's name.

This is completely different than making movies or selling clothes resembling the military. This will be the first time in memory where a United States military name was allowed to be trademarked.

Shame on Disney for even thinking about doing such a thing. All they have is dollars signs in their eyes, thinking nothing of the pain and sacrifice that the real SEAL Team 6 has gone through.

We hope this money-hungry grab at a name and current event by Disney is denied.

We urge you to write your congress representative to oppose such a willful disregard for the United States military!

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