Sunday, May 8, 2011

Veterans and Home Buying: VA loans are one of the best benefits!

Veterans have many benefits that try and do a little to repay their sacrifice. Obviously the sacrifice can never be fully repaid, but VA veterans home loans are one of the best. If you are a veteran, in the market for a home loan, take full advantage of your va loan benefit. You will get a stable, low interest rate, and not have to put a dime down. That's a benefit most others cannot get.

However, when buying a home, new or used, veterans need to take into account a few things before buying. Location is everything in real estate. Because veterans are a good risk from having the VA loan benefit, you still need to be cautious. You should make a list of the locations you want and the amenities. Most people who are home buying do that. But did you know you need to make a list of things that you don't want as well? Many people forget this and come to regret where they bought their home.

Here are some home buying tips for you to look for things about your prospective home that you do not want. Remember, it's all about location. Location can make or break your home investment. Your home is an investment as well as a place to live. If you end up being unhappy about where you live, you want to make it easy to sell your home for a profit, or at least break even. If not, it can affect you financially and personally.

Closed or abandoned businesses or schools. Do not buy a home near businesses that have closed and left many vacant buildings. It's a sign that things are going downhill. Homes their may be cheaper, but not worth it. Stay away from neighborhoods that have closed schools. It's a sign that families are moving away. Don't just concentrate on the individual house. You must check out the surroundings as well.

Landfills, dumps, sewer stations, water treatment, power plants, and other such enterprises are another home buying killer. They come with noise, smells, and maybe traffic. A lovely house is only as good looking at the surrounding area. How can you relax in your backyard while seeing or smelling smoke? Airports are another noise problem. You need to think about what type of eyesores and smells that you can tolerate. Don't be fooled into a great house when the outside is unlivable.

Do some research on how many homes nearby have been foreclosed on. This will be a sign of neighbor distress. Home values will plummet, and living next to abandoned homes is not prudent. Not only will it drag your value down, it may attract crime. Plus, abandoned homes can be eye sores.

Even if homes in the neighborhood are not foreclosed on, some of your prospective neighbors may not be that great at keeping up their property. Check out the homes around the one you want. Look at how the landscaping and upkeep of the homes is. Don't buy in a neighborhood where homes are unkempt. A home owners association is an extra expense, but they do have some power to force people to keep up their homes. Also, look for abandoned vehicles, junk piles, etc. This will give you an idea of how your neighbors will treat their homes. They will be a drag on your home investment.

Most times home buyers are attracted to the home and neglect to check out the area. Don't make this mistake. You don't buy a home planning to move soon, but things happen. If you choose the wrong home in the wrong area, you will lose money. Protect your home. It is an investment!

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