Friday, May 6, 2011

Spike the ball, Mr. President!

It is cause for celebration. So go ahead and spike the ball, Mr. President!

Our country deserves to gloat. We deserve a victory dance in the end zone. No reason to not spike the football after this one.

Our country will never be same after 9-11. The mayhem, destruction, and terror that osama bin laden put on this country is unforgivable. It changed this country like nothing ever before. Not since WW II. Maybe even more so.

Our brave young men and women volunteered for service after 9-11. Most just to fight back. Fight the evil of terrorists. Keep this country safe. And all across this great nation we put up flags and stood up tall on the legs of new-found patriotism.

So let's spike the ball. Let's put it in their face. That's what terrorists deserve.

The SEALS were the ultimate carriers of justice. They had no reason to ask questions or be cautious. They had no reason to take anyone alive. Their mission is to not take notes but carry out the mission. Even though one SEAL team carried out final justice, with all the professionalism they could, they were led by men and women before them.

George Bush, who made no apologies about keeping this country safe by any means.

The entire military who fought terror on all fronts and many countries. They kept the fires burning.

The citizens of the United States who refused to cower in fear.

That SEAL team did how that America still has the greatest fighting forces of any nation. Ever. And they nailed home the point that terrorists will be hunted and killed.

That's how you fight the war on terror.

Spike the ball, Obama! America deserves it!

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