Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Is Obama right? 10 questions to ask the President

After digesting the Afghan troop surge speech, here is another post.

Here are some questions for President Obama on the Afghan "surge."

10 Questions the President Should Answer:

Is it too late?

Is the problem moved to Pakistan?

If we pull out in 2011, why would the taliban not just wait?

If we pull out in 2011, no matter what, what good are we doing?

Did we do the same thing we were asked to do 2 months ago? If so, why did we wait and lose time?

Is not sending 40,000 troops, but 30,000, a 10,000 gift to a political group?

Should all wars be politicized with a speech?

Did Obama sound just like Bush at various times?

Is the war on terror back on track?

Is it even a "war on terror" once again?

And here's a bonus question: Should we even be in Afghanistan at all?

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