Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Obama, finally, commits Afghan troops

President Obama finally decided how many more US troops to send to Afghanistan. Presumably after a much thought out process. We respectfully disagree.

But before we elaborate, we will reiterate that sending troops into harms way is a difficult thing to do. And we never are happy to see our military in danger. But that is what the military is for. To do battle. Like it or not, our military's mission is to fight wars. Many would have you think the military is just a game, another business, a way to spread goodwill and cheer. Those may be by-products at times, but never, ever the reason the military exists.

By President Obama waiting, he has shown that he will make decisions based on political winds. Not on military recommendations. This long process was not to decide what was right. Only to appear to appease certain political factions. The proof of this is what he finally came up with. Basically exactly what General McChrystal asked for weeks ago. The right thing to do, would have been to call an emergency meeting and make the decision, post haste.

The danger was that we had over 60,000 troops in Afghanistan already. Wavering on more troops had to have an effect on the troops already there. Was their danger overlooked by waiting? Were they put in more danger each day more troops were delayed? If you were not going to send more troops, what was the fate of the ones there? Are they going to perform a half-duty, as they might be pulled out at any minute? I can see many troops, and rightfully so, thinking, what am I here for? There was danger in waiting.

The taliban have made gains while this debate has gone on. That in and of itself is bad news for the US and our troops.

We feel a delay put the current troops in danger. And what was accomplished by the delay? Nothing.

There was no need to wait. Either pull out existing troops, or send more. Period. President Obama has made MANY promises about doing the right thing in Afghanistan and not allowing it to fail. But instead of sticking to this promise, he has only delayed any favorable outcome. And there was no need for it.

We know that our military does the best job in the world. But they are human. They must be given the support of all leaders, from the President on down. Or get out.

President Obama had painted himself into a corner. He could not pull out. The only thing left politically to do was wait. And that was a bad idea for our troops.

A taliban-run Afghanistan is not an option. This is Obama's war from the start. And so far he has not done a very good job with it.

The delay in troops has only protracted the problem.

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