Monday, December 7, 2009

Toby Gerhart, a very upstanding young American

Toby Gerhart is a smashing fullback for Stanford University.

Normally we don't like pointing out sports figures as heroes, as we feel military personnel come first in that regard.

But the Heisman Trophy will be awarded soon and Toby Gerhart is what America is all about.

Toby starred for 4 years at Norco High School in football, setting state records, all while becoming valedictorian of his class. That is quite an accomplishment. If you saw the Stanford game this year against Notre Dame, it was Toby who carried the team on his back. Literally. Even though this young man was used and abused the whole game, he still gave 110% in the final minutes, carrying Notre Dame defenders.

Our hat is off to him. He will graduate college in January. Football star and college graduate. You don't here that often.

We wish this amazing young many, Toby Gerhart all the best. He has a great future ahead of him and we wish young people would look up to him.

Read more about Toby Gerhart, his biography and stats here.

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