Monday, December 21, 2009

News media jumps all over pregnancy issue in Iraq

The news media has jumped all over the medical edict issued by Gen. Anthony Cucolo, who heads about 22,000 US soldiers and civilians. You would think that was what the rule says and that it's only about that. It just shows how anti-military the news media is. Trying to whip anger up over a silly thing that is not really an issue.

The order restricting behavior is a common one. But, to a frenzied media, they don't care. The order actually restricts ALL behavior that is in your control and causes you to be incapacitated for military service in northern Iraq. Yes, this would include pregnancy, but that's only logical, right? It would forbid a whole host of other conditions, but the news media is not looking at that. They come up with pregnancy and run with it without getting the full story.

And that bit about being court martialed is just about what the military does. The military does not try soldiers the way civilian courts do. And the news media hates that. In fact, they seem to be always looking at anything to criticize the military about. This is just the latest.

And Gen. Cucolo has already stated the obvious. That all cases do not get court martial until he says so. He has the duty to scrutinize all cases.

This order is nothing more than what is common in war time. Period. Nothing more, nothing less. There is no nefarious women battle going on in Iraq.

General Cuculo has expressed his true reasons.

"I am responsible and accountable for the fighting ability of this outfit. I am going to do everything I can to keep my combat power -- and in the Army, combat power is the individual soldier," his statement said. "To this end, I made an existing policy stricter. I wanted to encourage my soldiers to think before they acted, and understand their behavior and actions have consequences -- all of their behavior." He further adds, that these are just a few rules in a long list of behaviors that he wants soldiers to not be engaged in.

It also bans gambling. Did you read a headline banning gambling? Of course not.

These orders are common and legal.

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