Monday, January 25, 2010

Why a VA Home Loan is the Best Home Loan Available

Veterans, you get out of the service and wonder if there is any help for people like you. Well, to be honest, help comes in many forms, but help for one veteran is not help for another. The government does have one huge helping hand for veterans when it comes to getting a home loan. Yes, you do have to have a good, steady job. But the advantages for a veteran using his or her VA home loan benefit is enormous.

Here are the major perks of a VA Home Loan:
The government guarantees the loan.
Almost any mortgage lending institution can give you one.
No down payment is required.
The closing costs and fees are capped.
No private mortgage insurance (PMI) is needed.
You can be eligible even if you are on active duty, a reservist, or even a public health worker.

Getting a VA Home Loan is the same process of getting a conventional loan. But you must obtain a VA home loan certificate of eligibility from the government.

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