Thursday, January 14, 2010

Military steps it up in Haiti

Our military is doing a fantastic job in Haiti. This is when America can show our true colors. Thousands of people in Haiti are in desperate need. We only hope it goes smoothly. If we let our military plan and run the operation, there is no doubt they can pull it off.

Of course there will be glitches. Of course there will be delays. This is not an easy problem to get to, nor will it solve the complete problem. It also cannot possibly save everyone. We know the military is our best bet at providing services in disasters like this. We have the supplies, personnel, and medical teams to aid in this process.

There is NO military in the world, or people like our servicemen and women who can do a better job.

How you can help in the Haiti relief efforts:

>>Electric Heated Socks

>>Create a free website to honor a military service member or veteran

>>Va Veterans Home Loans

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