Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bible verses on gun sights a non-issue

There has been much ado about nothing lately on Bible scriptures being put on rifle sights made for the US military.

Let's set the record straight. There are no Bible verses on the sights. They only have cryptic reference like JN8:12, a reference to John 8:12. But nothing else. That's right, nothing but JN8:12.

This company, Trijicon has been providing sights since 1995. Nobody has ever complained. Nobody has ever cared. This is just one more attempt to make much ado about nothing. There is no advance of religion. There is no proselytizing. Just a tiny bit of a reference that one cannot even see unless one looks for it. It is at the end of the stock number. So what?

Come one people. There is nothing in the constitution that bars quoting of the Bible. And this is not even quoting the Bible. In fact, if you had no idea what JN8:12 meant at the end of a stock number, how would that offend you?

Besides, only US troops get these sights. If this was such a problem, you would have heard soldiers complain in the 15 years they have been used. Now, you will see some complain, egged on by idiot do-gooders who have nothing more to do with their time.

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