Sunday, January 3, 2010

Foster care for veterans

As veterans age, many no longer have families that can take care of them. Many veterans end up in retirement homes. The federal government now has a foster home program for veterans.

Veterans who can no longer take care of themselves have a new option of Medical Foster Home care.

Medical Foster Home locates community members who can take a veteran in and provide 24 hour around the clock care. This care includes everything from meals to medicine, as well as personal attendant. The commitment is for long-term, as the Medical Foster Home provider is to last the rest of the veteran's life.

It is not free, but is cheaper than other 24 hour care facilities. The veteran pays money to the caregiver, from $1200 to $2500 a month depending on the level of care. As the veteran ages, the care gets more expensive.

The foster home must be approved and accept unannounced visits from the VA to insure quality care.

Many veterans are moving themselves out of nursing facilities and into foster care. The money mostly comes out of their own pockets.

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