Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Navy to allow women on submarines

The Pentagon gave the go ahead to eliminate a ban on women serving on submarines. This was revealed in a letter sent by Secretary Gates to lawmakers. Women could begin to be assigned sub duty as early as next year.

Did you know that about 15% of the over 300,000 people serving at sea are women?

Of course, submarines are different. It is a very closed environment. The term "hot bunking" is a submarine term. Because of lack of space, two people can share a bunk. That is, sleep while the other works, then reverse. One person keeps the bunk "hot," so to speak.

Apparently the first to see duty on a submarine would be women officers. The reason? Officers normally do not have to "hot bunk" and have separate quarters.

Members of congress have thirty days to render an opinion.

Army General George Casey, who appeared before the Senate on Tuesday, said that in effect this is just another step of re-examining women in combat roles and expanding them.

We at this blog have always took the position that at no time, here or in the past, have we ever needed women to do such duties. But life moves on. There does not seem much stomach anymore for keeping men and women separate, as well as making combat a male-only role any more. That to us is a sad statement about our society.

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