Thursday, February 25, 2010

Success in Marjah?

The Afghanistan government is now flying their flag over Marjah. This former taleban stronghold is now in civilian hands.

This is a job well done for the US military.

Even so, this flag raising ceremony took place as troops were still clearing bomb fields to clear the last few square miles.

People have returned in the last couple of days and many markets and shops are now open for business, maybe not as usual, but for business.

This ceremony also had a reading from the Koran. Can you imagine that? US soldiers dying and fighting so people have the right to recite religious material at public ceremonies. But in their own country, could these soldiers read from the Bible if they wanted? Think about that for a while.

This was really a joint effort of US, NATO, and Afghan forces, but you can bet the majority of the battles were fought and won by Americans. But we do salute other countries, like Britain, who lost their brave men.

The success in Marjah does mark a milestone, as it was one the biggest last holdouts of the taleban, complete with drug trade.

The main goal was to show Afghans that the world is serious, well, at least the US, about giving Afghanistan back over to Afghans.

As the insurgents leave, they plant bombs that are vexing the troops in clean up mode. Probably 100 remain nearby who will undoubtedly fight until they are all dead.

We refuse to give any body counts for political reasons. Suffice to say there were needless deaths all around. That is never looked upon lightly.

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