Monday, February 8, 2010

Support the Stolen Valor Act

In 2006, the congress passed a law making it illegal and punishable by jail time for lying about military service.

Because of the Iraq and Afghan wars, some people think that military service is a plus now. They will even say that being a military hero is the "in" thing.

As a result, faking and lying about military service has become quite tempting. And many people do it. Many elected officials are blabbing about a military record that is nonexistent or empty.

The Stolen Valor Act was to put a stop to this.

But now, we have some people who think it's just a freedom of speech issue. That lying is not anything we can regulate, it's just freedom of speech. As of this post, there are two cases in Colorado and California that are defending military liars as just a case of doing no harm by lying.

We beg to disagree. Vehemently. Lying about your military record to get a job seems to be already against the law. You are lying for monetary gain. A deliberate lie cannot be protected speech if it has consequences. However, many say that some do it not for monetary gain. But that should not matter. They are lying about their lack of military service. That alone makes this right up with the hate law crimes that these same people espouse. That is, beating up someone of a certain persuasion is somehow worse than beating up someone else. Lying is no exception.

There are lies and then there are lies. Lying about one's military service should indeed be a federal crime. A felony. It is close to an act of treason. It is the lowest of the lows. What does that do to the real military heroes? It disrespects them. Free speech is one thing. Lying about your military service is not free speech. Freedom is never free.

We urge everybody to write there congressmen and women and keep this law on the books.

Keep real military service where it belongs. Send a message to the liars.

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