Friday, March 5, 2010

Administration turns around on Gitmo, terror trials

Looks like political pressure has made the Obama administration open to doing an about face on trying Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in a civilian court, let alone New York City.

Now they are talking about maybe, just maybe, putting them back in military tribunals. This is where the should have been in the first place. These are military captured suspects, doing acts against the country in a war like situation.

This has been said to be a way to close Gitmo and open a new prison just for convicted suspects.

The problem is, this still does not solve what to do with prisoners who are deemed too dangerous to release. Ever.

Obama's liberal pals also would not like switching them back to military courts.

But the liberals were in a monority. Both sides of the politcal aisle are against civilian trials. Plus, Obama could use this about face to show some Republicans that they should support funding to close Gitmo.

Fox news was also reporting that the Department of Defense is now letting lawyers see their terrorist clients in Gitmo on approval from them only. Makes sense. The military is in charge of them, right?

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