Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pentagon okays using Social Media

The military has always worried about it's personnel using social sites like twitter and facebook. There could be a lot of things go wrong when soldiers and employees are tweeting or facebooking what may seem harmless, but could do harm.

Well rest easy! Last Friday the Pentagon has begun tweaking it's networks to actual allow access to twitter and facebook.

But before you think soldiers and sailors are going to go all out tweeting, the guidelines are still in place about what you can and cannot do.

Military persons will be asked to refrain doing or revealing anything that may jeopardize the military's mission or lives.

It goes further than that. Allowing access on base and other military commands does not mean the military will not frown on other sites: gambling, porn, warez, etc. In fact, commands can at will shut down access.

If you were a little worried that the military was allowing anything and everything, forget it.

The Pentagon just realizes that using twitter and facebook is a good way for officials to interact with the public. It can also be a useful tool for military families to stay in touch, but precautions still must be made.

Facebook released a statement:
"Facebook is heartened by today's decision to begin to allow our nation's men and women in uniform and civilian employees across the Department of Defense responsible access to social media, which plays an important role in people's daily lives."

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