Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Wounded Artist Project

The Wounded Artist Project is a nonprofit organization in Michigan that sends art kits to wounded veterans.

They want wounded veterans to be encouraged by someone looking over their shoulder and saying, "Wow, you really drew that?"

The art kits range from beginner to advanced. Don't worry if you think you or the soldier has no artistic ability. The kits are designed to keep the wounded soldiers busy and encouraged. So, no artistic ability is needed!

Soldiers can progress at their own rates. One of the goals is to get the soldier thinking of what they could do with a little drawing ability--go to art school, become an architect, become an illustrator, or some other profession that takes skill in drawing.

The soldiers are always encouraged to develop their own style, not be constrained with a set of rules.

Be sure and visit The Wounded Artist Project and donate if you can!

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