Sunday, October 4, 2009

8 Americans Killed in Afghanistan

The largest loss of life of American soldiers in a year.

People who support this war are often thought of as heartless or some other words.
Veterans are not. When we hear news like this, our hearts ache. We think of the soldier who lost his life. We think of the family that lost a loved one. We think of his comrades who had to fight on. We think of the bravery of our soldiers. we think of the bravery of this young man. We think of the bravery and goodness of Americans. We think of the loss of past soldiers in winning freedom for this country. We think of the loss of life in winning freedom for other countries and other peoples. We think again of the loss of a brave soldier who gave the ultimate sacrifice. We think again of the loss of an American family.

We also think the useless and needless body counts being splashed across the news.

We also think of how dead or dying soldiers become political pieces for news papers and television.

And we think about how this country can promote such things.

The very people screaming for freedom of the press are the very ones who would not have it if it were not for Americans sacrificing their lives.

We salute the brave men and women, who are called upon each and every day to to extraordinary things each and every day, and are willing to be put in harm's way for us. They are not fearless, mindless people. They face fear with a knowledge that they are being called upon to make this country and the world better.

Stop the body counts. It is never a time to keep score with American lives.

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