Thursday, October 15, 2009

More Vietnam Veterans Eligible for Agent Orange Exposure

The Veterans Administration has now made about 200,000 Vietnam veterans eligibile for agent orange related benefits. There were a couple of diseases that the VA had agreed to pay benefits for related to the exposure to agent orange. Under current rules, things like Hodgkin's disease and type 2 diabetes were covered. The new proposal also will contain diseases like Parkinson's, certain heart diseases, and leukemia.

There is some debate, of course, as to whether there really is evidence that agent orange is related to any of the diseases being proposed. However, we will always urge to err on the side of veterans. In fact, anyone who was exposed to agent orange should be automatically qualified to receive certain benefits. In fact, there would be nothing but praise for new benefits for ALL Vietnam vets.

Just a side note on VA health care. We all know the VA health care system has problems. This is a snapshot of how any government run health care plan will be. Instead of overhauling the whole system, we need to fix the VA system first.

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