Thursday, October 29, 2009

Veterans and the Current Housing Market: VA Home Loans

The current housing market has never been better if you are looking to buy a home. Interest rates are still near historic rates, and home prices, new and previously owned, have fallen. These home prices make it quite possible for most people to now buy a home.

If you have a job, money in the bank, a down payment, low bills, chances are you will be approved! But this is not 2006 all over again. Then, people were put in million dollar homes when all they could really afford was a $150,000 home. Nowadays, you qualify for a home worth the average, between $150-200,000. That makes it affordable and low risk for mortgage lenders and buyers!

Add this to the $8,000 tax credit you get for first time home buyers, and veterans who are looking for a first house will find this hard to beat! VA Home loans are still the ONLY home loan without a down payment! Veterans are being urged to take advantage of the VA home loan program that they are entitled too!

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